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Just ₹ 3500/- per seat per month!!

With Power Backup

Internet Speed: 5 MBps per person. Dedicated and with backup

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Offers and Rates

Dedicated Seats

Think out of the box!! Get Hot or Dedicated desks with access to coworking amenities. Get your clients impressed with a small budget.

3500/- per seat (Limited offer only)

BTS Spaces:

Set your space from 30 seater to 80 seater. Make private conference, reception, manager cabins.

Price: 8000/- per seat

Conference Rooms

For power-packed discussions, client meetings, sales pitch, pitch decks, interviews, conferences, online meetings, video conference (VC), board meetings and discussions.

Day Pass

Get office on the go in HSR, whenever you want & on-demand. Just make your day productive.

200/- per day

Private Offices

Premium managed spaces with private meeting rooms, lounges, executive offices, dedicated internet, private printers and access to shared amenities and workspace.

8000/- per seat

Hot Seats

Take seat as pr availability, no fixed seat. Enjoy a new location every day.

3500/- per seat